Mom Can Find It 27 · 7 · 15


Great for exfoliation and rejuvenation!

The Scrub

1/2 c used coffee grounds

1/4 c brown sugar

3 tbsp coconut oil

Mix all together and scrub to your heart's content!

Need An Energy Boost? 27 · 7 · 15

#1 Eat breakfast. It's easy to miss this meal, but won't believe how much taking 5 minutes in the morning for a bagel or a couple eggs will sustain energy into the rest of your day!

#2 Mini exercises. When you're feeling sluggish, 50 jumping jacks or 15 push-ups can do wonders!

#3 Have an afternoon snack. It can be a struggle to wait until noon or 12:30 to have lunch, so use that 10 o'clock block for a handful of raisins or an apple to get you by until then!

#4 Make a to-do list before bed. Just before you turn off the light, jot down a few goals for the next day. You'll feel so on top of it when you roll out of bed the next morning - you can tackle anything!

#5 Turn off your screens at least 30 minutes before bed. I know scrolling through Instagram feels like a nice way to unwind, but your mind and body need time to slow down before sleep. ZZZzzz

Keep A Tidy Room 27 · 7 · 15

But seriously!

5 Steps To A Clean Room in 10 Minutes

1) Clear the bed + make it.

2) Pile everything that is (probably) laying all over the floor onto the bed.

3) Separate pile into separate piles like: clothes in one pile, toys in another, trash in another.

4) Get rid of the garbage. Put the toys in their designated spots (maybe a basket or bin that goes under the bed).

5) Fold and put the clothes away.

You're done!

The Best Emojis Ever 23 · 7 · 15

1. Exactly what my ideal Friday night looks like!

2. OMG we all remember the first gray!

3. "Everyone I know is having babies!"

Click here for the full list!

4. Back pain. Tell me about it.

5. Heel-wearing days are so over!

TGIF 23 · 7 · 15

Bahaha have you ever felt like this?

Click here to find your perfect "Sorry I'm Late" shirt!

No Coffee No Workee 21 · 7 · 15


5 Best Ways To Stay Productive At Work (according to LifeHack)

Take regular breaks (Here's when you make yourself that cup of coffee!)

Pace yourself and balance your workload by making to-do-lists

Put your work first, but don't stress yourself out about things that are out of your hands

Don't open those online shopping or "rabbithole" browsers unless you need them

Be happy and optimistic. You're employed and improving yourself!

Fun Healthy Snacks 21 · 7 · 15

Kiwi Grape Turtles

Peel and cut your kiwi into large slices for the turtle body.

Make some small tails out of kiwi.

Keep aside some kiwi seeds for eyes.

Cut a couple grapes in half for feet.

Stick kiwi seed eyes on whole grapes for your turtle’s head.

Your turtle is ready for eatin'!

Click here for more fun fruit snacks!

Summer Proof! 15 · 7 · 15

Did you know our name labels are 100% safe on all your summer water toys and accessories?!

Stick 'em on your swim suit, flip flops, foam floaties, goggles, etc!

The Way To Be 14 · 7 · 15

How To Be Rad

Confidence. This is what it's all about! Look in the mirror and say out loud, "I'm rad. I'm rad. I'm rad."

Know your favorite music. Sense of self is attractive! Plus music is a good subject for conversation.

Don't back down. From anything you believe in! Passion is so underrated.

Cut your hair. (It's a metaphor. Long hair is cool, too.) Don't be afraid of change! Taking risks is one of the best ways to gaining new experiences.

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