Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply my name labels and decals?

Application is simple! Make sure your surface is clean and dry, peel your name labels carefully, smooth on, and rub into place. To remove, just simply peel off! For our kids wall decals, make sure newly painted walls have cured for at least two weeks. Peel and apply onto clean surfaces. Remove when desired, leaves no residue and won’t damage surfaces!

What are kidecals® personalized name labels made of?

Our wall decals are printed on a really cool new phthalate free (non PVC, BPA free), self-adhesive material (it’s actually a tightly woven fabric!) with ecosol inks. Our waterproof name labels are printed onto a really durable self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks.  I am constantly researching to find the best and greenest materials and printing processes available while trying to keep my kids name labels and decals affordable and local.

Which kidecals® personalized name labels are laundry safe?

They ALL are! All of our waterproof name labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe!  TIP: on clothing either apply the labels to the tags or to the thickest part (waistband, collar, etc). Make sure that none of the label is hanging off the tag (our small labels are best for this). This ensures that not too much water comes in contact with the adhesive. Also washing on warm and drying on low ensures the longevity of the labels especially on items that are washed frequently.

Do you paint all your own designs?

Sure do! And all the graphic design too! Painting is my first love and I am happiest while creating! We now have several graphic designers on staff that have created new and awesome designs like these!

How do I make sure my decals won’t peel off? Are name labels waterproof?

The adhesive on the kids wall decals is state of the art. Tiny capsules containing adhesive line the back of the decal. By rubbing, or burnishing, the decals into place you are actually breaking the capsules and releasing the adhesive. So the more you burnish, the more adhesive you release and the more aggressive the adhesive becomes (while still being removable)! A flexible straight edge (like a credit card) works really well for burnishing. Be careful while using a straight edge as to not scratch the surface or tear the edges of the decals. Placing the release liner on top of the decals and using a straight edge on top of the release liner is a good way to protect your decals while burnishing!

For our name labels simply peel, stick, and rub into place. The adhesive is waterproof and highly aggressive. For clothing, applying on the tags of clothing makes for the best results. It is dishwasher safe and washing machine proof, yet removes easily when you are ready for a change!  All of our labels are laminated to make them the most durable, scratch resistant, fade resistant labels on the market!

Are there any surfaces I shouldn’t put my name labels and decals on?

Rough or stippled surfaces are more difficult and not recommended. Let newly painted walls cure for at least two weeks. All surfaces should be SUPER clean! Wipe surfaces clean with soap and water or an all natural spray cleaner and let dry throughly.Our wall decals look super cute on furniture too! Never put your decals where they could fall onto a sleeping child such as above a crib or bed.  Our name labels should not be eaten off of or put into your mouth and are not recommended for painted surfaces.

Do I get a proof of my labels?

The proof is what you see on your computer screen. Your labels will print exactly as you create them! If you can’t get exactly what you want (such as an extra line of text) we can do it for you for a small extra fee. Just email us and let us  know!

The design I want on the website doesn’t show a phone number and I want my phone number on mine.

No worries! Most designs contain an “other info” section where you can include just about anything. Just remember that the more letters or numbers there are, the smaller the font will become. Especially on the small dots!

Do you make custom decals?

Yup–we love to do custom, personalized decals!! I can print just about anything and up to 28 inches wide! I do request copyright permission for works by other artists. I can also reprint photos, make canvases, or paint or design something new just for you! Past projects have included custom labels for party favors, custom nursery decals, bumper stickers for marketing campaigns, banners for businesses and parties, address labels for invitations, personalized decals for party glasses…just ask!