scary mommy doorbell sticker I

It only takes one time for the doorbell to ring and wake up your sleeping baby to understand you’ll do just about ANYTHING to make sure it never happens again. Scary Mommy knows it all too well, and created this tome to alert anyone who approaches your door during naptime. Buy one for your home and one for every single frazzled mommy you know! A limited edition design brought to you by Jill Smokler of
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?Our labels are meant to last for as long as you need them to. If for any reason they let you down (but we know they won't) , let us know and we will happily replace them.
Kidecals doorbell stickers are a great way to send a clear-cut message while keeping the exterior of your home looking fab. No more sharpies and masking tape signs, our stickers will weather the weather and when you’re ready to remove them, no residue will be left behind. Fun, pretty and a little sassy, doorbell stickers make great gifts too!
Includes one approximately 4 by 3.5 inch waterproof doorbell sticker