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Make your kids giggle and have some laughs of your own with these super easy and totally harmless pranks.

Frozen Cereal:

Pour your kid's milk and cereal the night before and put it in the freezer. It will look completely normal, but when they try to dig in to breakfast in the morning they will find a frozen surprise.

Blue Milk:

Two easy options with this colorful trick. First, you can put a few drops of food coloring into the bottom of the cereal bowl and cover with cereal. Let the kids pour the milk into the bowl. They won't know what to think when the milk instantly turns colorful. The second option is to put food coloring directly into the carton of milk so that when they pour it out they will think it came from a unicorn instead of a cow.

Wormy Apple:

Surprise your kids at lunch by packing them an apple with a surprise guest. Carve a small hole in an apple and put a gummy worm in with its head sticking out. This one will have even the teachers laughing.

Jello Juice:

Why is my juice jiggling?! Make jello in your kid's juice glass. For added effect, put a straw in it before it hardens.

You may be a parent, you don't always have to act like one!

April Fools Kid Pranks



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