Trying to be a little more creative for the holidays? Wrap your head around these cute gift wrapping ideas to get in the holiday spirit!

  • Butcher paper:  You can decorate this plain paper however you like. You can use stamps, sponge paint, finger paint, or even just markers. This is great activity that you can do with the family or a fun craft for a holiday party. This is  a cheap substitute to traditional wrapping paper, and who doesn't want to save money??
  • Old music sheets: This is a cute and creative alternative to wrapping paper. It still has the feel of the holidays with a little flare. Make it stand out with different color ribbons or paring it with our Kidecals' holiday labels.
  • Newspaper: Want to save a buck? Choose newspaper over wrapping paper. You can get it just about anywhere and make your gifts look a little more creative. You can add cute touches with bows made from newspaper as well. As you can see in the picture above it is a few easy steps that can make your present that much better.
  • Put your finishing touches on your gifts with labels from Kidecals. They can add a little bit more of that personal touch while adding an extra pop of color. There are a plethora of styles to choose form that can be personalized to your needs.



Stamps/Sponge Paint:

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