Need An Energy Boost? 27 · 7 · 15

#1 Eat breakfast. It's easy to miss this meal, but won't believe how much taking 5 minutes in the morning for a bagel or a couple eggs will sustain energy into the rest of your day!

#2 Mini exercises. When you're feeling sluggish, 50 jumping jacks or 15 push-ups can do wonders!

#3 Have an afternoon snack. It can be a struggle to wait until noon or 12:30 to have lunch, so use that 10 o'clock block for a handful of raisins or an apple to get you by until then!

#4 Make a to-do list before bed. Just before you turn off the light, jot down a few goals for the next day. You'll feel so on top of it when you roll out of bed the next morning - you can tackle anything!

#5 Turn off your screens at least 30 minutes before bed. I know scrolling through Instagram feels like a nice way to unwind, but your mind and body need time to slow down before sleep. ZZZzzz

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