Last spring I read the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and it really was  ! I now opwn my kitchen drawers and walk into my closet with bliss. The breezy space between my clothes makes me feel light and stress free. Everything is in its place and has a home. Here are the seven biggest tips I took away from the book...

1. Clean by category, not by location: don't go room by room. Instead organize by categories. For example, the day you do clothes, gather ALL of your clothing in the house (winter gear and all) and put it in one big pile and begin the process of sorting your items into keep, donate, and consign

2. If an item does not spark joy, then let it go: Touch an itm and ask yourself, does this bring me joy. If it doesn't it is time to let it go. This may sound a bit crazy but it really works, especially for your wardrobe. For more mudane, utilitarian objects it may be a bit harder but once you get into a groove you will understand. It may be time to let go of that worn out knife and replace it with one that you actually enjoy using!

3. Put clothes in rows rather than piles so you can see each item in the drawer: the book outlines a really cool way to fold your clothes so they can "stand up straight" in your drawers rather than piling stuff on top of each other. It really works well.
4. Don't organize over the course of a month- do it in one day or weekend: just do it! You need to carve out the time and really commit. 
5. Don't keep gifts out of guilt: enough said!
6. Storage is another form of hoarding: to be truly free you need to rid yourself of storage spaces that you do not access or need regularly. 
7. Start with the easy categories until you get your super purge power going: sentimental items like photos are going to be harder. Start with clothes, end with photos. 
And once you have your stuff (and your kids' stuff) whittled down make sure you don't lose it with our awesome dishwasher safe and washing machine proof personalized name labels!

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