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My 6 Favorite (and funny) Potty Training Tips (from BronwynLea)

1. Star charts are GREAT motivators. However, don't use stickers - they stick them on furniture in their own hair. (Cute, but a little annoying.) So, let them draw a star on the chart themselves.

2. Let them run wild and free while training. Just emphasis to them, "Tell mommy/daddy when you feel a potty coming up!" They should be wearing pull-ups at this point.

3. Be flexible. On the flip side, listen to your little one. If they aren't ready, try again later.

4. Make up a "potty cheer" together. (And be prepared to sing it A LOT. And in public.) Use the tone of "happy birthday" if you can't think of anything else. "Happy pee in the potty to you.."

5. Avoid bribery. But if you have to do it, don't use sugar snacks. It'll be hard to break them of it later. Try fruit!

6. Ask for hugs from your little one! Potty training is stressful and a hug can take the edge off.

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