Sanity Saving Tips 10 · 8 · 15

1. Understand that it IS a battle. Physically, their bodies need to be in motion a LOT of the time. We can't always keep up, but we can set boundaries of obedience. It's key to communicate that we understand their body's need for activity, but that a balance for quiet time is necessary for a happy mommy.

2. Create opportunities for activity whenever possible. It wears them out! "Can you take your laundry to the laundry room? I'll time you!" Running around during the day equals sleeping deeply during the night.

3. Keep anger in check. Constant noise can elevate stress levels TREMENDOUSLY. But losing your temper only teaches them that losing their temper is the way to handle stress. Keep calm and breathe on. Gently address the noise and communicate your needs.

4. Diffuse lavendar in a main area of your home. The wonderful herb has sedative properties, which lightly induce a nice calm feeling. You can rub in on your boys' sleeping pillows, or add it to a spray bottle with water and playfully squirt it when things get crazy.

5. Set healthy expectations early in the day. Outline the day for your kids so they know the expectations. "When you get home from school, you're going to do this, this, and this."

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