The end of the school year is quickly approaching! Be sure to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep bored kids entertained this summer break.

1. Use tape to make a fun backyard board game

Tape down the game board and then add fun activities in each box, like singing a song or jumping rope.

Photo from: The 36th Avenue


2. Grab some wet glue and food coloring for a fun hands-on paint project

Just grab some glue, food coloring, toothpicks, and some sort of canvas to get the creativity flowing.

Photo from: Housing A Forest


3. Make your own giant bubble wand

All you need to make the bubble solution is water, soap and a hard-shell kiddie pool. Grab a hula-hoop and spend some time outdoors blowing out-of-this-world bubbles!

Photo from: Make and Takes


4. Use pool noodles to make a fun backyard obstacle course

Adjust the height and challenge of the course to your child’s age and ability. This fun activity helps the development of motor skills in young children.

Photo from: Learn Play Imagine


5. Create your own racetrack for toy cars using colored tape

Use your floor, carpet and even furniture to create a fun indoor activity for those not-so-sunny summer days.

Photo from: Pardon My French


6. Grab some sponges and chalk for a fun DIY driveway game

Keep their math skills sharp over the summer by having them add up all their points.

Photo from: Mamas Like Me 

7. Use a pool noodle and a hose for a fun DIY sprinkler

The perfect way to cool down in the backyard. 

Photo from: Good Morning Loretta 


8. Cut up a tarp to make your very own throwing game 

Add points to each hole to ramp up the fun!

Photo from: Viral Nova

9. Grab a bat and fill up water balloons for a fun game of water balloon baseball 

An awesome way to cool off on those hot summer days 

Photo from: Red Ted Art 

10. A plastic sheet, some soap, and a hose are all you need to make a slip n' slide for hours of outdoor fun

All the fun of a water park right in your backyard! 

 Photo from: Happy Hooligans 


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