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The Year of the Mother! 18 · 1 · 16

year of the mother

Kidecals is proud to be partnered with the hilarious ladies of The Pump and Dump Show. If you have never been to one of their comedy shows or seen any of their videos you have to check them out! They are kicking off the year right with a kickstarter campaign to make this the best year ever for moms!

YOU can be a founding member of the Year of the Mother and help The Pump and Dump spread their message by donating to their Kickstarter today!

Their goal is to make you laugh and know you are not alone in this crazy, hard, and wonderful job of being a mother. Their hashtag is #YoureAnAwesomeMom

And you are! Whether you are a stay home mom or a working mom, a breastfeeding mom or a fotmula mom, an attachment parenting mom or a cry it out mom...we are all awesome! 

So let's stop the mommy wars and make this the YEAR OF THE MOM!

Check out their kickstater video below or go here to pledge now. There are lots of great gifts when you pledge (including kidecals stickers!)



And here is one of my favorite Pump and Dump songs

The cutest video EVER! 14 · 1 · 16

This has just gotta be the sweetest thing. Guaranteed to cheer you up!

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Sums It Up 13 · 7 · 15

SO true! Do our husbands just have selective hearing??

All I Want 6 · 7 · 15

Haha! Peeing in peace? Now that would be just TOO much to ask for! ;-)

Are you a good mother? 27 · 1 · 15

In this infographic we provide the answer to a question that most moms ask themselves daily… Am I a good mother? Share this, and Moms will thank you!

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