floral print (small set)

Keycals were created to spiffy up the place you probably spend most of your time…your computer! Our crazy durable laminated keyboard stickers are guaranteed to make your laptop or desktop the coolest looking tech device around. Keycals fit securely to your keys with no slipping, they leave no residue and can be easily removed without surface damage when you’re ready to apply a new design. Our small sets offer just the right amount of flair for those who don’t want to commit to a complete keyboard skin. 5 snazzy stickers cover the critical keys and 4 additional stickers give you artistic license to place on any letter or number keys you’d like. Compatible with 13″ and 15″ Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and bluetooth keyboards. Not formatted to perfectly fit an extended keyboard with number pad.
Small set includes nine (9) stickers for your space bar, delete, enter and shift keys, plus four additional designs to fit on any small keys you'd like.

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